zebra product




Sublime Zebra Gin 45% ABV

Sublime Zebra Gin is a little different from other gins and as individual as each zebra's stripes. It has a depth of flavour that lingers to the very end without getting drowned out by the addition of a tonic. Juniper berries with an ensemble of crushed macadamia nuts, coriander seeds, lavender, bay leaf, lemon balm and orange, lemon and lime zest give this gin quite a punch. It is not a shy gin and certainly stands out from the crowd!!


Enjoy served with ice or one to one with tonic.





limoncello product




Sublime Limoncello Gin Liqueur 25% ABV

Sublime Limoncello Gin Liqueur is a great new twist on an old idea. Our Limoncello Gin Liqueur is made with freshly zested lemons and their juices combined with our Sublime Zebra Gin and sweetened lightly with English sugar.

Serve ice cold from the fridge in a chilled glass or as an aperitif with tonic, prosecco or any other bubbly.


A delicious drink whichever way you choose to drink it!