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Our first conservation project is in support of the endangered Grevy’s Zebra.

As part of the development of the OpenDoor Gin Company Ltd, we intend to create a range of up to 5 gins, with each being used to donate profits to fund a specific conservation initiative.

The first of these chosen is to support the work being done to protect the Grevy’s zebra, which is classified as an endangered species, having suffered an 80% decline since the 1970’s with less than 2000 now living in the wild. This has been brought about by hunting for their skins and meat, and the loss of habitat due to encroachment on their environment by man.

The Grevy’s zebra, also known as the Imperial zebra, is the oldest and largest of the three species of zebra. It has large ears, narrow stripes, a white belly, a dorsal stripe and a brown muzzle, all of which make it easily distinguishable from the plains and mountain zebra.




Enjoy Sublime Zebra Gin and know that by doing so you are helping to save the Grevy’s zebra!’